Otto's Make more glazed donuts!

August 04, 2017 - Reading Time: 0 minutes, 55 seconds

I've spent $919 on donuts at your store in the last year, and I've stopped going because you're now selling out before I get there.

Judge away.

It was a good ride, I would go every 2nd day and enjoy these donuts with the coffee they provided.

I'm unsure if you will ever read this and I'm unsure if you really care. But having a customer write about your business is an extremely good data point. It means I give a fuck enough to write about the problem.

I do not know what your vision is. But I do know one thing.

You sell shittons of coffee and baked goods. Whenever I'm there, that's what I see. I'm not sure what your actual numbers look like ( if you are keen to send me a copy ) but I assume coffee and baked goods make up a good amount of your bottom line...

Focus on that.

I dunno your goal or problem you are solving.

Im just sad that I don't have donuts.

Life is Hard.