Round 1/52

January 07, 2018 - Reading Time: 1 minute, 35 seconds

This year I want to try write/journal about each week at the end of it. IE Sundays.

This will do two things ( hopefully ).

  1. Allow me to reflect on the week and everything that was completed. This helps me find things I can do better the next time I do it.
  2. Help me semi Plan what large ticket items I want to complete next week.

This is the end of the first week, and whilst I've still been semi in holiday mode. I have started to figure out my goals/structure for goals and overall focus currently.

Firstly, as I was thinking what I wanted to plan this year I read a tweet.

"Annual goals are hard. Try monthly ones! Not so daunting and 12x the feeling of accomplishment. Amazing what you can get done in 12 small pieces." - Sam Altman

I really liked the idea behind this. So I defined my goals for Jan. Whiteboard is all set up with my 6 goals which range from reading to freelance targets to some ending some large deals in regards to

So, What else did I do this week? This week as half of it was work and half of it was still in holiday mode.

  • I completed 10 hours of some freelance work.
  • I helped Joel from in doing some renos at his workshop.
  • I built 75% of a doggy park for my sister in law.Doggy Park Images
  • I cleaned and re-oiled my desk.
  • I started networking a lot more on linked in.Add me :)
  • I completed a feature request for
  • I logged into my servers and made sure they were up to date.

Next week will start to become much busier. I have some work/bugs to fix with

God speed and talk soon.