Lessons learnt 2016

January 01, 2017 - Reading Time: 1 minute, 53 seconds

I was meant to publish this ages ago. Again, this lessons ive learnt.

Its been private for most the year. Why not make it public? noone reads my blog? haha. Enjoy not having to login. Some titles are cypic

On Portals

  1. Never assume anything about what people will buy.
  2. Always go and talk to your peeps ( people your selling to ) first.

On Platforms

  1. Fix solve one problem. Then Validate, then loop.
  2. Look at whos already solving the problem/s your solving and see if you can do a better job. ( can do != think )

On Working hours

  1. If you're new to working at home - keep em strict.
  2. Make sure you shower each day and have a strict pre-working routine

On Source of business tool

  1. If you have never written in that platform - HOURLY RATE
  2. If your unsure about your quote - double it.

On Consulting in general

  1. Contract upfront always
  2. Hourly Rate when your new
  3. Daily rate when your not as new.

On Time tracking

  1. Wastes a lot of time
  2. Great to see where your time goes and how much time you spent your time on
  3. Overall doesn't increase working hours longer than not using it. If anything it decreases working hours. Probably a good thing.

On Estimating time

  1. Double it and track it all the time and see how close you get.
  2. See 15.

On Reading blogs/social networking

  1. Probably has similar effects like beer, good at the start but too much can lead to depression
  2. Ask yourself if what your looking at is going to increase your net productivity or if its just distracting you from doing something real - reading an actual book.

On comparing to $otherPeople

  1. Don't do it.
  2. If you require to compare, compare against an older version of yourself - think Mario kart ghost.

On Goals

  1. If you can't break your goals down into < 5 projects/steps that have measurable metrics, your goal is too large. ie "Read 52 books this year" -> A book a week -> read $currentBookPages/7 every day.
  2. Depending on the goal, forming a daily habit may dramatically increase your chances of finishing that goal. See example from 21.