I Love Excuses

July 03, 2017 - Reading Time: 2 minutes, 4 seconds

I make excuses just like everyone else. But in business, it doesn't matter if you have the best excuses in the world. Your profits aren't defined by how well you can form excuses, it's based on the market.

From my small time in the game - It goes like this:

Business is simple but hard.

  1. Make something people love.
  2. listen to your customers.

Everyone is trying to take shortcuts and/or hire people to "fix" their business.

It's usually these people that fail to do the above 2 items. Granted, doing those two things is really hard.

Making something people love is super hard.

People don't often know what they want until they have it. Think about the shirt you brought but then ended up hating it once you wore it or that food your friend made you try that you really didn't want to try but once you did you loved it. It's for this reason that to make something people love, you either need to make it for yourself or listen to your customers.

Listening to people is super hard.

You have to be around all the time and listen for their little clues. Listening to your customers is probably such a hard thing to do because they often don't talk back to you. Coming back to the shirt example from above; if a shirt makes me sweat a lot or doesn't have the best fit, I'm not going to write the makers with my feedback - I just stop wearing it.

And here is the best part, listening and learning from customers is SUPER hard to scale due to the fact that employees usually care a lot less about customers then the founders who started the business.

So coming back to the shirt example (again), even if you did write feedback to the company - its most likely going to fall on deaf ears. This lack of change after feedback is what probably makes customers not want to speak up ( that and laziness ).

This is why listening and learning from your customers is hard.

So feel free. Hire experts to tell you what to do, Buy books that tell you how to make a great business or Make excuses about why your business sucks.

But the market decides and you can't trick the market for long.

And the market is a dick.