Guarding Leases

October 20, 2017 - Reading Time: 1 minute, 41 seconds

It all started when myself and Zane Grant were looking for a new idea for a product to build. Nothing "great" was coming to mind.

I was running out of money and decided to move house. Now, when I moved in, instead of filling our the condition report. I simply took photos. The bad part - I didn't have the same phone and therefore couldn't prove any of the damage that was there when I moved in.

This problem reoccurred when a friend had the same issue when they had to move.

Within an afternoon of brain storming - was born ( it was actually to start with ).

It started as an iOS app for tenants - allowing them, to document their property and simply email yourself a report. It grew rapidly into what it is now. A fully functional inspection tool that allows agents to collaborate with tenants all via the app to remove the paper version of the entry condition. This turned out to be the real problem we were out to solve.

I usually don't write about projects that I'm working on, but we are shifting gears now, we have been in the MVP ( some bullshit term to state that you can sell your product to people for cash. ) stage for far too long, but finally we are moving up and starting to focus on our customers. We want to grow.

We are now focused on customers and meeting with anyone/everyone that can help us grow. Starting to code less and sell more.

We will see how much we can sell? go time.

Ill post some form of metrics over time here about how many clients we have going.... just not yet.

Drop us a line at or check out our website at

If you want to trial an agents account - let me know.