Corporate Greed & Innovation

December 24, 2016 - Reading Time: 1 minute, 45 seconds

Is corporate greed the underlying force that powers innovation?

Trying to remove corporate greed from the world would be almost like shooting innovation in the foot.

With many innovations being now powered by individuals using kickstarter, open source software and the internet its easy to believe that corporate greed is the evil force that is destroying the world. But where did the technologies that allow us to innovate without large companies come from? Well of course the large companies ( ps they were alot smaller back then )

It seems a bit backwards to begin with but the more I ponder about it the more it makes sense. A simple example would be the washing machine; yes there was a time when people washed clothes manually and yes I am sure there was many clever trademen/hackers that would have innovated this process for their own gain in time & productivity. But to take this innovation to the masses requires the reward of money due to the effort & time required. Simply, without monetary gain there is little reason/motivation to scale this product. This is where the explosive growth of technologies and ideas that help the masses has been empowered by corporate greed. Yes you could argue that in this day and age people don’t need the corporates to share an idea that could help them; but that’s a lie, the computers, networks, cables, phone lines, resistors, SMD’s that are powering the internet were all embraced heavily by the bottom line of monetary gain.

How do we know if there would even be half the free software/hardware innovations in this day and age if it wasn’t for corporate greed?

Do I love corporate greed? No

Do I love the internet, free software, free hardware, and free exchange of ideas? Yes

The above two questions offer a conflict of ideas and areas of belief.. But what I’m coming to believe is without corporate greed the later most likely wouldn’t exist.